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Cabo San Lucas Dolphin Kids

Since kids have always been fascinated by dolphins and our Pacific Bottlenose dolphin family is always ready to play with new friends, we've developed Dolphin Kids. Designed to provide rewarding dolphin interaction to children ages 4 to 9, Dolphin Kids will give your young child a chance to get closer to dolphins than he or she ever imagined. Our "kids only" adventure provides a safe environment where children can interact and play with our friendly dolphins in an environment specifically designed with their needs in mind.

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Located at the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula, our dolphin center provides the best interactive dolphin experience available.

We pride ourselves in providing nothing but the very best for our guests, especially the dolphins. We are passionate about our dolphins. Their health and happiness is our number one concern. At our exclusively designed Dolphin Center, we bring dreams of swimming with dolphins to life in one of the most unique and beautiful marine mammal facilities in the world.

Be assured that our dolphins receive excellent care from our professional, highly trained and experienced staff. This same staff also leads tours through the center and assists in direct interactions with the dolphins. We are very sensitive to the needs of our dolphins and do not allow actions, such as foot pushing, that have been proven to cause harm to them. We hope when you come and visit us, these fabulous creatures will not only delight you, but you also learn about the value of our environment and see how passionately we care as well.

What to Bring Checklist:

Be sure to remember your bathing suit, towel and sunglasses. For the safety of the animals, please do not wear sunscreen. Also cameras will not be allowed in any of the pool areas. But don’t worry, we have a professional photographer and videographer present at all times to capture these wonderful memories.

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